Airport Transfers
(Book at least 2 hours before)

Transfer from Modlin Airport to Warsaw

The service will connect you with private drivers on comfortable cars and capacity up to 6 people and without night rates

  • Fixed price
  • Without night rates
  • Ridesharing (-30%)

The drivers are speak English and transfer from the airport is available 24 hours/day, but you should Book on-line beforehand

Transfer from Modlin Airport is also possible not only to the city center, but also to your specific address or nearby cities within a radius of 200 km

Fixed price to city

35 eur / car
(up to 4 people)

40 eur / car
(up to 6 people)

65 eur / car
premium BMW 5-Series
(up to 4 people)


1. How to book a transfer?
- Fill the form below and we'll contact with you within 2 hours

2. Should I pay extra, if I have a flight after 22:00?
- No, for your comfort, the price is fixed regardless of the time or destination in the city area, and without night rates

3. Will I be met by car as in the photo?
- It depends on the availability. If car occupied you'll get higher class for free (e.g. minivan class). All information you'll receive by email and then you can refuse, if you're not completely satisfied

4. If my flight is delayed?
- Drivers will track your flight, and if it's delayed, they will adjust to the time

5. Will I be met with a sign with my name?
- No, you'll receive email with all information and driver's contacts details, and after plane landed should go outside and wait the driver here

6. If we are more than 4 people?
- Transfer up to 5-6 people is possible only with cabin luggage or you should order a second car

7. Can I book a transfer a month before arrival?
- Of course, fill the form below and closer to this date we'll contact with you

8. Ridesharing service?
- You can get 30% discount, if you accepted ridesharing below. We'll let you know, if have such opportunity and someone else booked transfer at the same time

9. Is transfer possible not only to the city center?
- Transfer from Modlin Airport is also possible to your specific address and back, or to another airport (from Modlin to Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport). Outside the city: 3 zl/km for destination less than 100 km from Warsaw and 2 zl/km for destination more than 150 km

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